Our Locations

MBICR Keyuan

The MBICR was inaugurated on November 18, 2016 at 9 Keyuan Boulevard South, Gaoxin District, Chengdu. Adjacent to Tianfu Life Science Park, this campus occupies a small space of 8,611 sq ft and is made up of a tight network of laboratories where faculty and staff are engaged in establishment of core research facilities, such as natural products libraries, functional genomics, high throughput/content screening, medicinal chemistry, preclinical therapeutics, antibody and viral products, cell culture and biomedical statistics.


MBICR Bio-town

世界杯365bet下载365bet滚球注册365bet体育投注正规The MBICR is constructing a four-story research building at Chengdu Tianfu International Bio-town. The Bio-town locates next to major transport sites and facilities, allowing our researchers in the town can travel?regionally and internationally with ease. Furthermore, this prime location is in proximity to more than ten academic powerhouses that provide?an extraordinary supply of highly trained, compassionate and professional workers. Once the project is completed by the end 2018, our research space will increase to 51,666 sq ft. MBICR Bio-town will be a teaching and?research campus with a daily population of about 100 MBICR faculty, staff, students, and other visitors. The campus will also serve as headquarters for MBICR leaders.



The MBICR has leased a facility in the city of Chengdu to expand its capacity in constructing natural product libraries that are compatible with high-throughput screening. The facility covers two acres and provides 7,5347 sq ft research space. The site will be innovated and dedicated to manufacturing natural product libraries. MBICR researchers here will utilize state-of-art equipment such as ASE, supercritical fluid extraction, automatic sample concentrator, SPE workstations, analytic and preparative HPLC, and LC-MS-MS to establish quality standards for select natural products, perform fractionation of extracts and manufacture libraries of natural compound/extract in biochips.


MBICR?Botanic Garden

As part of long-range planning, MBICR will launch a botanic garden, which covers an area of more than one hundred acres. The garden will be planted with more than ten thousand species of plants for the research, education and enjoyment of our faculty, staff, and students. Many of these plants have a long history of use in traditional and folk medicine in a number of different cultures. Others are known to contain chemical compounds that may be of special interest to medicine.