The laboratory uses both conventional immunization methods to produce antibodies in vivo and phage panning to select for antibodies in vitro世界杯365bet下载365bet滚球注册365bet体育投注正规. For immunization, either purified proteins or expression-ready DNA is injected into either rabbits or mice. For phage panning, the facility is equipped with the 3TB Phage Display Platform designed specifically for antibody drug discovery. The core of the platform is several fully-human phage scFv libraries that in combination contain more than 10-billion unique human antibody repertoires. Phage panning on purified antigens, cultured cells, and animal tumor models can be used to identify human scFv antibodies of interest. Construction of scFv libraries that express antibody repertoires either on the mammalian cell surface or at various subcellular organelles is an ongoing effort in this core facility. Our staff also maintains a small panel of hybridomas that express monoclonal antibodies against a variety of oncoproteins, such as Myc, c-MET, Her2, and EGFR, or unidentified antigens specifically expressed on some human tumor cells. Antibodies are purified and concentrated using standard methods and are suitable for basic research and therapeutic studies in animal subjects.