High-Throughput/Content Screening

世界杯365bet下载365bet滚球注册365bet体育投注正规The high-throughput and high-content screening core facility provides researchers at MBICR with the ability to run high-throughput and high-content screens of chemicals,?siRNAs,?expression plasmids, and?natural product extracts for the purpose of discovery of drugs or drug targets.?The facility is equipped with one Incell Analyzer 2000 from GE, two Connect Stackers, three Infinity F200 multimode microplate readers, three PowerWasher 384 and three Columbus Plus plate washers from Tecan, two Bio-Stacks, two ELX808IU microplate readers, one Elx800 microplate reader, one Elx50 microplate washer and one Elx405 microplate washer from BioTek, three Wellmate liquid dispensing system devices from Thermo Scientific, three Genetrix Qfill2 benchtop automatic liquid dispensing system devices and one Berthold FB12 Luminometer.

GE In Cell Analyzer 2000

BioTek Microplate Reader

An MBICR staff operating the liquid dispensing system

Automatic liquid dispensing systems

Tecan microplate readers with BioStacks

Automatic Liquid Dispensing System


Electronic Multi-channel Pippettes

Microplate Readers