Core Facilities

The Natural Product Library

Natural products and their derivatives have historically been invaluable as a source of small-molecule therapeutics. But research into natural products in the pharmaceutical industry has declined during the past two decades. Consequently, natural products are significantly underrepresented in current small

Functional Genomics

Through this core facility, MBICR researchers will have access to the following pooled libraries in retroviral or the third generation lentiviral vectors: ·????? Human full genome gRNA library ·????? Mouse full genome gRNA library ·????? Human full genome shRNA library

Viral Products

Through economy-of-scale production flow and standardized operations, our viral products core facility generates high titer retroviruses and lentiviruses cheaper than many labs can do it by themselves. The facility also offers a variety of viral DNA vectors such as pSicoR,


The laboratory uses both conventional immunization methods to produce antibodies in vivo and phage panning to select for antibodies in vitro. For immunization, either purified proteins or expression-ready DNA is injected into either rabbits or mice. For phage panning, the

High-Throughput/Content Screening

世界杯365bet下载365bet体育投注正规The high-throughput and high-content screening core facility provides researchers at MBICR with the ability to run high-throughput and high-content screens of chemicals,?siRNAs,?expression plasmids, and?natural product extracts for the purpose of discovery of drugs or drug targets.?The facility is equipped with

Preclinical Therapeutics

The preclinical therapeutics core facility generates tumor-bearing mice and conducts preclinical oncology trials. The core utilizes xenograft tumor models in immune-deficient mice, as well as a large variety of genetically engineered models of tumors that are initiated by known cancer

Cell Culture

The cell culture core facility maintains an extensive cryogenic cell bank of cancer cell lines and model cell lines for the convenience of MBICR researchers and is equipped with highly trained staff to offer a variety of services such as